If most of your employees are hesitant or negative about Covid-19 Vaccination.

Gray Packet

What's Inside

  1. Vaccination Checklist A step-by-step guide to help you rollout and manage a company-wide vaccination.

  2. Communication Materials Key information and templates you can easily adapt and use for your specific announcements.
    1. Vaccines At Work Video A quick overview of why company-wide vaccination is a critical step towards overall recovery.
    2. Facts over Fake Poster Presents fake news regarding Covid-19 vaccines and explains the facts and reasons why these are not true.
    3. Vaccine Procedure Poster A sample poster that you can edit, that tells employees what will happen during vaccination and what to expect.
    4. How Vaccines Work Poster A poster that explains the different kinds of Covid-19 vaccines available, how they work, and why they are all effective.
    5. Ask A Doctor Medical experts help answer our questions about getting vaccinated. Collected from the Department of Health site.
    6. How to talk to the Vaccine Hesitant What to do when an employee refuses to get the shot.