If you have many employees who are almost ready to get vaccinated but need a little more information.

Orange Packet

What's Inside

  1. Vaccination Checklist A step-by-step guide to help you rollout and manage a company-wide vaccination.
    1. Vaccines At Work Video A quick overview of why company-wide vaccination is a critical step towards overall recovery.
    2. Vaccine 101 Poster Information on what the vaccine is, how it is made, how it works in the body, and other frequently asked questions.
    3. Vaccine Schedule Poster A sample poster that you can edit to announce your vaccination schedule and sign-ups.
    4. Vaccine Procedure Poster A sample poster that instructs employees what to do and what to expect during their vaccine appointment.
    5. How to talk to the Vaccine Hesitant What to do when an employee refuses to get the shot.